Daniel Nickles

Daniel Nickles, founder of Upstream Equity, is a Senior Engineer with a decade of experience in the oil and gas industry.

From his experience, he intimately understands the challenges facing oil and gas professionals, from putting in the long hours to the ever-present job volatility.

Daniel started his real estate investing journey in 2013, driven to add multiple sources of income to smooth out the ups and downs and build a strong financial future.

Early on, he recognized the importance of putting his hard-earned money to work and found that cash flowing commercial real estate was a powerful way to create passive income streams and achieve financial freedom.

Upstream Equity is a community of fellow oil and gas professionals and like minded investors established to build wealth and financial security through exceptional investment opportunities.

As creator and host of the Two Smart Assets Real Estate Investing Podcast, Daniel interviews top real estate investors and shares insights and strategies for achieving financial success through commercial real estate investing.