Who we are and What we do​

Who we are
and What we do​

Working in Oil and Gas can be highly lucrative.
But it’s also highly intense

Whether you’re:

… anyone who works in this niche pays a price.

Just the day to day grind means long hours, high stress, and travel. Translating to missed birthdays,
absent family get-togethers, and little time for hobbies.

Then, there’s that ever looming cloud of layoffs in the distance, always waiting to strike, depending on which way the price of crude swings.

I get it.

After working in Oil and Gas for over a decade, I’ve been through it all:

Thankfully, I love hard work, because this industry sure demands it.

But, I don’t want to waste all this effort.

I want to make my hard work and sacrifice mean something.

That’s why I found a way to use my W2 dollars as fuel to accelerate my wealth.

Like most newbie Engineers, I started working in the field immediately after college. If you’ve ever worked that desert-grind, you know that it’s fun for the young and hungry. But, it’s not exactly a place you can peacefully plan for your future. The work is non-stop, the days off are scarce, and the heat is sweltering.

After a couple years, I started to feel like I was treading water: working hard all month, saving what I could, then chunking a bit of cash into my 401k.

Rinse and repeat.

As each year drew to a close, I realized how many more years of work I had left.

Finally it hit me: I was going to work my entire life, invest in my 401k, and then retire at 65 with bad knees, just like everyone else.

Thanks to a couple wise mentors, real estate investing came into my life just in time.

First, I tried my hand at flipping houses and buying rental properties.

But, after losing money on a flip house and then dealing with a nightmare tenant,
I realized I needed a different way to invest in real estate.

I need a way to invest in real estate that:

I wanted a way to invest in real estate for profits, not problems.

I wanted to keep working in Oil and Gas and also become a real estate investor.

Thankfully, after much trial and error, I discovered passive investing in commercial real estate.

Using my high-earning W2 job as fuel, I became a passive investor and accelerated my wealth, helping me live the life I want now, not just at 65.

I’ve stopped treading water.

Now, I’m a real estate investor that has a diversified portfolio of tangible assets all across the US. I’m also a fund manager who partners with trusted and verified professionals to participate
in big-league real estate deals.

I want to empower my fellow Oil and Gas workers to do the same:

I want to help fellow Oil and Gas professionals make their hard work and sacrifice mean something.

But, there’s a lot of ins and outs to this passive real estate game.

Many investments are total pitfalls and there are unprepared actors who lack the experience to take care of your dollars. I’m determined to help my Investor Crew avoid the mistakes I made on my journey.

If this sounds like you, I’d like to invite you to join our Investor Crew today.  Here’s how it works:

If you’re tired of treading water, working hard at your W2 job, only to save a bit and invest it in a slow-moving 401k, I invite you to join the crew now.

It can change your life.

It’s changed mine.

Cheers and see you on the inside,