Helping fellow oil and gas professionals invest in real estate
for profits, not problems.

Helping fellow oil
and gas professionals
invest in real estate for
profits, not problems.

Enjoy the benefits of real estate income, without the burdens of ownership.

Generate passive income through real estate investing, without working another long shift.

Generate passive income through
real estate investing, without
working another long shift.

Passively Invest in Real Estate

Partner with professionals in hands-off real estate deals all across the US.

Skip the Landlord Struggles

Escape bad tenants,exhausting flips,
weekend calls, and property-owner

Accelerate your Wealth

Level up your net worth with cash flowing investments, that always respect your schedule.

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We’ll Guide You Through This

invest in real estate with us

If you’re tired of working harder at your job than on your financial future, we’re the solution you’re searching for. We know you’re busy in the office, turning and burning in the field, and working long hitches offshore. It’s tough to flip or manage rental properties when you’re always killing it at work.

Whether you're:

Tired of treading water in a slow-moving 401k

Short on time for rentals

Wary of the real estate headaches

Or just feeling "stuck and ready to level up your wealth we've formed an Investor Crew that will meet you where you're at.

Our Investor Crew:

Accelerates their wealth

Transforms their family's future

Becomes more financially free

.... all while skipping the landlord struggles

Start making your money work as hard as you do — join us now!

Daniel Nickles

Daniel Nickles

Upstream Equity

Ready for Real Estate Income,

Without the Burnout?

Here’s the plan



Join the Crew

Apply to join our "Investor Crew" and have a personal welcome call to check us out.



Explore Exclusive Opportunities

Access our rigorously tested deals and receive expert guidance on deal selection, partner vetting, and finding the perfect investment fit.



Invest & Start Earning

When you're ready, join a live deal and start collecting cash flow directly in your bank account, without the hassle of full-time property management.

Let's make it happen together...

What Our Investor Crew Says About Us


As a Completions Field Engineer, I don’t work a 9 to 5
or a normal scheduled work week. I’m on call 24/7 and can be gone for weeks, sometimes months at a time

I was looking for a way to add real estate to my portfolio. Danny introduced me to the benefits of passively investing in cash flowing commercial real estate. For me, this strategy checked all the boxes.

Danny keeps in contact with me and gives me monthly updates on the investment which gives me more comfort on how my money is performing.
I look forward to investing in many more deals with Danny and the Upstream Equity team!

Completions Field Engineer

Investing with confidence, passively, has been a huge relief, knowing I am setting myself up for the life I want to live, and not waiting for retirement to live it!

Danny helped me understand the ins and outs of investing passively in real estate syndications. The deals he brings to the table are cash-flowing opportunities that have been extensively vetted and are well suited to my investing goals.

I have recommended Upstream Equity to friends, family, and casual acquaintances because investing passively in real estate is a game-changer! It couldn’t be easier.

Completions Field Engineer


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Avoid the “Engineer’s Mistake”
in Real Estate Investing…
Even if You’re Not an Engineer.

(#2 will make your stomach churn)

I reveal my top 3 mistakes when learning to invest in real estate; these could cost you $10,000s, cause a nightmare tenant situation, and risk your financial future.

Insider videos reveal all!

Unlocking the Secrets of Passive
Real Estate Investing:

The Keys to Picking
the Right Sponsor

(without gambling your money!)

Want to invest in passive real estate without flying blind into a risky deal? Get my guide and protect your investment.

14-page guide with the exact word-for-word questions you must ask the deal’s sponsor to keep your investment dollars safe, PLUS where to spot red flags that signal alarm bells should be going off!

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